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Chestnut Henna

Our Chestnut Henna makes coloring hair absolutely convenient. Easy to use, our henna spreads evenly from root to tip. Being herbal based, this chestnut henna hair color also improves hair texture and gives them a natural shine. Long lasting, this henna is mild on hair and are perfect to create a style statement. We offer Herbal Chestnut Henna at market leading prices.

Chestnut Henna Hair Color
Chestnut Henna makes colouring easy. This unique hair dye spreads quickly and evenly, right to the roots of your hair. it imparts silkness and shine, leaving your hair soft, fragrant and delightfully manageable.

After research & development, we have developed our herbal natural brown hair color that gives a hair is very exotic brown with little yellowish golden hue, ideal to get trendy look. Superior in quality, the color contains maximum amount of Herbal ingredients and minimum chemical ingredients. Superior in quality, our chestnut henna hair color does not have any harmful effect. High in quality and effectiveness it can be used to maintain and beautify ones hair for years.

Key ingredients of our Natural Herbal Chestnut Henna include -
  • Henna (Lawsonia Inermus )
  • Amla (Emblica Officinalis)
  • Shikakai (Acacia Concinna)
  • Para Phenylenediamine
  • Barium Peroxide
  • Citric Acid
  • Magnesium Carbonate
How to Apply
Take out the coloring powder in a plastic bowl and add 6-7 tablespoons or approx. 35 cc. water in it to make the paste. Make the paste so thick that it can be easily and gently applied on hair. Apply this paste on hair with a brush. Comb the hair after five minutes so that the paste should reach in the roots of hair. If any whiteness is observed apply more paste on that portion. Ensure that the paste is completely applied on hair. Wash the hair after 30 minutes of application with water. Later on wash with soap or shampoo, as you like.

There are two tests, viz. - strand test & hypersensitivity that can be done to check the particular shade of color and whether the color is suitable for a particular skin or not. The details of these tests are given below -

Hypersensitivity Test
Clean and wash a small area of the skin behind the ear or upon the inner surface of the forearm using soap and water. Prepare a small quantity of paste, apply to the area and allow it to dry. After 24 hours wash the area with water. If no irritation, itching, reddening, swelling or inflammation is experienced in or around the test area, it may be assumed that no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists.

Safety Instructions
While using herbal hair colors, we advise our clients to follow certain safety instructions that are mentioned below -
  • Color should be kept away from direct sunlight & preferably in a dark place.
  • The packet of Color should be opened only when ready to use.
  • The color should be mixed only in a plastic or glass bowl and not metal bowl.
  • The paste should be applied with the application brush.
  • Paste should be used immediately after preparation, (within 4-5 minutes) other wise it may not be effective.
  • Take proper care to ensure that color solution does not go into your eyes.
  • The preparation should not be used for dying eyebrows or eyelashes as severe inflammation of eye may result. In case the paste gets into eyes, the same should be rinsed immediately.
Packed in 10 gms pouches. 6 such pouches in one small box. 100 such boxes in one carton. Total 50 dozens in one carton.

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Chestnut Henna
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Chestnut Henna

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